Perhaps you are always asking yourself how can you add value to your home to attract real buyers?

When you want to resell your home, it is cardinal to identify the qualities future buyers are looking for.

Basically, your updates should be functional rather than cosmetic. Buyers prefer neutral updates rather than exotic or unusual. Other factors that can influence the value to add include current trends and taste. Aesthetic factors such as color provide limited appeal.

Below are the updates you should consider adding to your home when you want to sell it:

Remodel The Bathrooms And/Or The Kitchen

Remodel the bathrooms and/or the kitchen

No buyer will settle for an old kitchen or bathroom. Making major and minor updates attracts buyers’ attention. Ensure your home stays timeless by adopting bathroom and kitchen trends.

Make your rooms brighter

Light colors are neutral. Paint your rooms to neutralize your home. Also, enhance the lighting with French doors, windows and skylights.

Make Your Rooms Brighter
Refurbish The Exterior

Refurbish the exterior

Exteriors such as landscaping, walls, roof and trees create the first impression about your home. Want to WOW your buyers? Keep the landscape updated, trim the lawn and shrubs, prune the trees, renovate the roof and walls, and paint the doors and windows.  

Expand usable space

A home with extra bedrooms, expansive kitchen and bathrooms, upgrades dining room among others creates your home more appealing to the buyers. You can also add values by adding more closets spaces, upgrading the basement into a chilling space, or converting an extra bedroom into a home office.

adding value and Expand Usable Space

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