Pricing Your Home

As a seller, you are probably wondering what is the optimal price of your home

Just like any other art or science, pricing your home depends on its value and market factors. Generally, the optimal price should attract:

Real Buyers
Deluxive Homes
Bring Profit
Help you sell.

The main aim of pricing should be to ensure your home stands out from the rest of the homes offered in your neighborhood. In most cases, buyers use price as the number one determinant of if they can view and buy. Also, many real estate agents and home sellers sort use price to sort their listings. Basically, the seller sets the price while the buyer determines the value of the home

Overpricing is one of the mistakes sellers make in the market. It keeps away buyers and reduces the home’s competitiveness.

proper pricing helps sellers leverage the following benefits:
  • Attracts more buyers.
  • Achieve faster sale.
  • Reduces chances of encountering market inconveniences.
  • Attracts better offers.
  • Increases chances of listing by Realtors.
Sellers overprice their homes because of:
  • Higher original purchase price.
  • Over-renovation and over-improvement.
  • Listening to opinions from family, friends and neighbors.
  • Lack of market research.
  • Bargaining expectations.
  • Emotional attachment with the home.
  • Homes in highly prices locations.
if you overprice your home, you may experience that:
  • It won’t create a sense of urgency among the buyers and agents. As such, you will not sell your house faster than you expected.
  • Buyers receive multiple offers in their budget range. They won’t show interest in your home if you overprice it.

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