Showing Your Home

As a seller, you are probably wondering what is the optimal price of your home

Your home interior is crucial in attracting the attention of the buyers. It determines whether they will move to the next step of the home buying process. For this reason, make the first impression memorable by:

Ensuring the front entrance is appealing, inviting and clean

Old or worn-out front doors, shutters, trims and walls are repainted or replaced.

The lawns are well-trimmed.

Include vibrant trees and shrubs in the landscape.

Mesmerize your Buyers

It is important to note that your preferences and desires differ from those of the buyers’

arrange the home in a way that sells rather than the way you live in it, so:
  • Keep the floors, windows, balconies and doors clean.
  • Upgrade the wallpaper.
  • Repair or replace sticking windows or doors, warped cabinet drawers, loose knobs sockets and switches.
  • Paint scarred walls.
  • Replace or clean the carpeting.
  • Repair the showers and bathtubs, if necessary.
Once you have achieved the above suggestions, make sure the entire home has a fresh look by:
  • Opening the draperies windows, curtains and doors to let enough light in.
  • Ensuring all the rooms are neatly arranged. If necessary, remove extra furniture and uses air fresheners and candles to ensure the room smells pleasantly fresh.
  • Displaying extra space by removing unnecessary clutter from closets, basements and attic.

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